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  • About project


    Tsavkisi Panorama is located 920 meters above the sea level. It is just 7 minutes away from Freedom Square but devoid of city fuss and noise. Our mission is to create an ecologically clean, quiet, and secure settlement in Tsavkisi, adapted to the necessities of modern urbanization.

    Project is spread on 12 hectares and includes 98 private land plots ready for construction.

    The project includes 1.5 hectares of recreation area, 2 sports fields and 1000-meter pedestrian alley, which all together create a picturesque landscape during all seasons.

    About project

  • Project Inspiration


    Main inspiration for the project concept was the distinctive location and panoramic views of the Tsavkisi Panorama. Accordingly, the neighborhood’s outline was influenced by recreational format, where a large share of the area consists of green space and eco-friendly infrastructure.

    The neighborhood will not be densely populated. In addition, balanced design of pedestrian and motor roads will always ensure car-free atmosphere.

    Our main goal and concept to create a green, modern, and elegant living environment for future residents, where you realize that you finally arrived where you belong.

    Project Inspiration

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